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Tracing Your Military Ancestors 26th September 2023
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Tracing Your Military Ancestors

Tracing Your Military Ancestors
For many years I have been researching and writing up British and Commonwealth soldiers from both world wars and earlier. In that time I have developed an extensive knowledge of military structures involved and the record repositories in Britain and overseas, I have researched campaigns and battles and individuals across the globe. My years as a battlefield tour guide have given me a detailed knowledge of ground and of many CGWC Cemeteries. If you wish me to trace your military ancestors I can offer you not just the biography of the individual but an understanding of the events and campaigns they were involved in, of regimental structure and tradition. I have a full and detailed understanding of uniform, equipment and accoutrement, familiar with research from archaeological and artefact evidence. My reports are submitted in electronic and hardcopy, suitably bound with all references fully cited. Initial consultations are free of charge and any obligation.
Newcastle, Tyne & Wear 01661 881654(evenings)

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