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Time Bandits 25th March 2019
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Time Bandits is a new development in historical interpretation and living history/drama, from first person recounting to skirmishes and battle reenactments. Our approach is led by the needs and aspirations of the client, we advise and devise in terms of scripting, location and action. The uniqueness of our approach lies in the concept of working with the client or sponsor to tailor a presentation.

We're looking, for 2019 to broaden our WWII offer and set up a section devoted to Home Guard & Auxiliers, plenty opportunities for all ages and, of course, plenty of spies and saboteurs needed - contact us if you're interested.

A Testimonial To The Time Bandits I really just want to say a huge thank you to John, Bill and Rosie for a fabulous day, you really brought Roman Britain to life.The children will remember it for many years to come I am sure and were very excited to tell their parents all they had learned at home time. A day spent with the Time Bandits is worth a week in front of a power-point or a computer. Mary Douglas All Saints School. Lanchester

Generally, I'm very interested in hearing from people who'd like to join Time Bandits, no previous experience or skills required, training will be provided as working towards Equity membership. If your interest lies in historical interpretation, drama, crafts or storytelling, you'll do nicely!

We have our own website at

This week it has been WWII in NPS School in Jesmond, wonderful staff and pupils, and it's down to London by Royal Command on Wednesday/Thursday then Hawick for the Reiver festival on Saturday.

Fixtures list 2019

18 March – WWII @ NPS

20 – 21 March - WWI @ St. James’ Palace

23 March – Reivers Festival Hawick

06 – 07 April – WoR at Royal Armouries

10 April – Redcar retired men’s – firearms

13 April – arms & armour in Elsdon (Revitalising Redesdale)

19 April – Storytelling in Elsdon

26 – 28 April – Morpeth Gathering

01 May – Reivers in Killingworth (eve)

02 May – WoR at Explore (am)

03 – 06 May – Vikings at Bamburgh

05 May – WWII @ Durham Market

17 May – Late Shows; Jack’s back (yet again)

18 May – Late Shows; Georgians in Gateshead Library

17 – 18 May – Blyth Battery

21 May – D-Day Sunderland

25 May – Northumberland Day; Home Guard

26 May – medieval at Hylton Castle

25 – 27 May – Vikings at Bamburgh

28 May – heritage trail, Sunderland

29 May – D-Day at Carlisle Museum

31 May – IWM North

04 June – Vikings at Sunderland School

06 June – D-Day at RNF Museum

10 June – Stone to Iron @ NPS

23 June – Versailles at Preston Hall

04 July – MM/Fantasy at Langley

06 – 07 July – Aln Valley Railway; WWII

07 - 12 July - Wars of the Roses in the North

21 – 27 July - Campaigns of Marlborough

28 – 31 July Armstrong at Bamburgh

01 August – Armstrong

04 August – Armstrong

06 – 08 August – Armstrong

August – battle field tour

12 – 15 August – Armstrong

19 – 22 August – Armstrong

24 – 27 August – Armstrong

03 – 10 September – WoR tour

24 September – Reivers (talk) Cleadon

05 October – Richard III at Barnard Castle

[October] – Home Guard at Bamburgh

23 October – Reivers at Heaton LHS

30 October – WWII in Grainger Market

31 October – Jack’s Back in Grainger Market

01 November – Hylton Castle WWII

02 November – ditto

05 November – ‘Rising of the North’ at Sunniside LHS

06 – 08 November – WWI at the Sill

25 – 27 November – Vikings at Higham Hall

[November] – D-Day at City Library

08 December – Hussars @ Charge Museum


20 – 24 April – Jacobite Rebellion tour

25 – 29 April – Bannockburn tour

Time Bandits. Horseman 2Over the last few years we've worked for Tyne and Wear Museums, English Heritage, Durham County Council, Kielder Partnership, Tynedale District, North Pennines Heritage Trust, Dilston Castle, Stockton Council, Bellingham Heritage Centre, North East Council on Addictions, South Shields Museum, Darlington Railway Museum, Bedesworld, DLI Museum and Art Gallery, North East War Memorials Project, Hadrian`s Wall Heritage Limited, National Army Museum, Woodhorn County Museum and Archive, the Morpeth Gathering and Planning Aid North.

We offer multi-period events with our own cavalry and military vehicle section, period music can be provided through our partnership with 'Horseplay'.

We work extensively in schools, in the community and with various special needs groups.

Time Bandits. Girl in CostumeAll of our members are police checked and are members of Equity with indemnity insurance of 5,000.000 each.

Time Bandits aims, as the slogan says, to bring history to life in a manner which is both informed and entertaining. We presently have a core group of around six dedicated members and this needs to grow. We'd be delighted to hear from anyone interested in re-enactment, drama, period crafts, historical interpretation. You don't need any kit initially, nor any experience, the use of most of your faculties, own teeth and a sense of humour would assist.

Time Bandits. Time Bandits PDFFor a copy of the "Time Bandits" leaflet, please click on the PDF icon below.

You will be able to view, or download and print, the information contained in the the leaflet.

For more information or to arrange a presentation, please contact

John Sadler
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