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Historic Tours

In terms of my experience in providing and leading historic tours, I’ve worked since 2004 for a number of Battlefield Tour companies taking various groups to the Western Front, Normandy and on Holocaust Tours, client groups include, school and college groups together with serving MoD. I regularly take MoD groups on UK day tours to various battlefields. Since 1998, as a part-time lecturer I’ve taken students to northern battlefields on day and weekend tours. Since 2007 I’ve also worked for Andante Tours doing Gallic Wars tours in France.

I've now just come back from leading a week long tour of Marlborough's battlefields, Schellenberg, Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde, Lille & Malplaquet, great fun it was too.

My philosophy has always been that tours should be entertaining as well as informative - I tend to add as many interactive elements as possible, including using the right period kit, a travelling handling collection and getting people as involved as possible.

I'm currently seeking a relationship with an established local travel agent to develop and market a series of history tours in the region.

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Historic Tours in Northumbria

For this season I’m offering a series of bespoke tours based in Northumbria:
  • North-West Frontier of Rome – Hadrian’s Wall, Housesteads, Aesica and Carvoran (full day 10.00 – 16.00 hrs)
  • Fury of the Northmen – Lindisfarne and Bamburgh (half/full day)
  • Chevvy Chase – the border wars between England and Scotland, Otterburn Battlefield, Evisones fortified settlement, the Reidswire and Harbottle Castle (full day)
  • Flodden Field – a walking tour of the battlefield starting from Branxton (half-day)
  • Reivers – Reiver bastles and peles at Woodburn, Bellingham, Black Middens and grim hermitage Castle in Liddesdale (full day)
  • Guardian of the Realm – a walking tour of Berwick Walls, Vanburgh Barracks, Old Town, Castle site and Watergate (two hours)
  • By the Sword Divided – a walking tour of civil war sites in Newcastle, the Keep & Black Gate, Closegate, Stowell Street and Market Street (one and a half hours)
  • Terrorists and Traitors – a Jacobite tour of mid Northumberland, including Historic Dilston (full day)
  • Restless Natives – a murder/mystery tour of the centre of Newcastle, many dark deeds and mysterious goings on (one and a half hours)
  • Victorian Newcastle – a walking tour of the Ouseburn district, with hints of Jack the Ripper (one hour)
  • Your Country Needs You – World War One and the Battle of Hartlepool in December 1914 (half-day)

Historic Tours. Tour 3I can, of course, always design a tour to suit a particular clients needs, email or call me for an informal chat.

Tours can last for a couple of hours to half or full day and prices start at 25.00 per head, for half or full day excursions a packed lunch is included, groups, for vehicular tours are normally restricted to six visitors. A central pick-up and drop off point is always provided.

Visitors should be aware that most tours involve some walking, therefore sensible footwear and weatherproof clothing are strongly recommended. Visitors with disability or pre-existing medical conditions should discuss their requirements with me beforehand.

Visitors should note that historic sites may/will charge a separate entry fee per person.

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Newcastle, Tyne & Wear 07722 453875 (evenings)

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